At Drips and Leaks, we are there for you to save you money from lost water caused by damaged pipes and taps. When your pipe or tap is leaking, not only do you lose water, it poses risks to your health as well due to fungus and other material damages that leaks cause.

An increasing water shortage has also posed an alarming need to save as much water as possible and by ensuring that there is no leakage at your home you can save up to or more than twenty litres of water a day. There is more to gain from saving water.

The following are some of common water leaks at residential and commercial premises: Dripping tap due to over tightening or tap not tightened well enough. Toilet inlet pipe to valve pouring, this is due to toilet moving ever so slightly and causing a strain on the pipe to the toilet.  Water leaking from under the bath. Shower hose leakage caused by ageing, water leakages underneath the sink caused sometimes by a storage of products that sometimes result in the pipe being hit unintentionally. Other problems that can result in leakage in pipes is deterioration or rust, cracks from the pipes or even tree roots, the causes are many.


Whether you’re planning a renovation or simply need routine maintenance on your home or business’ plumbing systems, our team of professional plumbers can service your need.